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Smart Solutions

Take advantage of our smart solutions for residential and commercial air conditioning applications. LG HVAC systems offer a range of solutions that are cost efficient, quiet and attractive. They provide a smart alternative to both central HVAC and windowmounted air conditioners, and are available in a variety of configurations to suit different cooling and heating situations.

Split Systems

These innovative systems are split into indoor and outdoor units. The interior units are available in several different configurations: Art Cool™, Standard Wall-Mounted, Floor Standing and Ceiling Cassettes. All interior units have remote controls for easy use. Installation by a qualified HVAC contractor is safe and easy — no duct work or sheet metal is needed. Single, dual and tri-zone systems, as well as cooling only and heat pump models are available.

PTAC Models

LG’s new PTAC units are perfect for lodging and healthcare applications. These units have an extremely low decibel level and outstanding sound prevention rating. Plus, LG models have efficiency ratings up to 12.5 SEER, which translates into excellent energy savings.

Feature Advantages

Look for these key features throughout the LG line:

  • Attractive, customizable indoor units. Art Cool™ provides numerous options to complement any décor. The Art Cool™ Customizable Art Panel works like a picture frame — any art or photograph can be displayed.
    Other Art Cool™ units come in a variety of beautiful colours and finishes to suit any room.
  • Multi Power System™. Energy-saving twin compressors: one provides power at 60% capacity until the system reaches a desired temperature. Then the smaller compressor takes over to provide sustained operation at 40% capacity.
  • Inverter. Inverter heat pump air conditioners use a variable speed compressor, rather than the constant speed found in conventional ACs. Instead of shutting off once the desired temperature is reached, the inverter compressor continues to operate at low speed to maintain that temperature. It is quieter to operate and uses less energy than conventional ACs, which cycle on and off.
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