Heat Pumps Keep You Warm & Cozy all Winter, Cool & Dry all Summer

Energy efficient cooling and heating performance with long lasting value.

Warm and Cozy In Winter, Cool and Dry All Summer Long

These heat pump condensing units are the outdoor part of a versatile system of heating and air conditioning. Each is designed to be custom-matched with one of our complete line of evaporator sections, with each serving a specific function. Matching Air Handlers are available for upflow, downflow, or horizontal applications to provide a complete system. Electric Heaters and add-on coils are also available for use with upflow, downflow, or horizontal furnaces and air handlers.

Now you can choose a York heat pump as part of our Hybrid Comfort System™ that lets you shift from the efficiency of an electric heat pump to the added power of a gas furnace for the most efficient heating you’ve ever experienced.

There are a variety of models to choose from in each of the Affinity, LX, and Latitude Series. All offer high efficiency performance and long lasting value.