13,300 - 199,900 BTU/h

Navien makes it easy to go tankless with the number one condensing tankless water heater in North America

Field convertible gas system

Ultra condensing efficiency

Dual stainless steel heat exchangers

Low NOx emissions (20ppm)


NPE-2 series are the most innovative condensing tankless water heaters on the market How Navien NPE-2 series tankless water heaters work. Navien premium condensing tankless unit heats water directly without using a storage tank. Cold water travels into unit when the hot water faucet is turned on. The gas burner in the dual heat exchanger heats the water which delivers an endless supply of hot water wherever it’s needed.


Installation type

Indoor or outdoor wall-hung

Venting type

Forced draft direct-vent


Electronic ignition

Water pressure

1.055-10.545 kg/cm2 (15-150 PSI)


NPE-A2 ComfortFlow® built-in recirculation system can reheat water in supply lines with recirc loop.

Durable dual stainless steel heat exchangers and burner.

Ultra efficiency for lower energy bills and exhaust emissions.

Strong residential warranty and gentle on the planet.

Available in natural gas or LP gas and high altitude.

Compact, stylish, wall-hung design - up to 80% smaller than traditional tank water heaters.

Eco-friendly, low NOx, stainless steel burner.

Durable dual stainless steel heat exchangers.

NPE-A2 built-in ComfortFlow recirculation system.


Navien products come with a limited warranty covering labor, parts and the heat exchanger. The following warranty periods begin to run from the date of original installation. The date of original installation must be provided to Navien, and upon request, proof of the original installation date must also be provided to Navien.

When the product is installed in a new construction, the commencement date shall be dated upon which the end-user takes title to the property.

PDF Downloads


Navien NPE-2 Brochure 2209


Consumer Brochure

NPE-2 Consumer Brochure 2204


Installation Manual

NPE-2 Installation Manual EN 210216


User's Manual

NPE-2 User's Manual EN 201202